Terms and conditions

Article 1 – Definition of ‘Event’

The word ‘Event’ means any activity or organisation that comes under the heading of: meeting, seminar, congress, symposium, staff party, reception, trade show, exhibition, walking dinner, product launch, training course and all derivatives thereof.

Article 2 – Bookings

The details below must be provided in writing to Business Faculty five working days before the date of the event:

  • number of participants (= approximate number/accurate number 2 working days before the event)
  • timings
  • equipment required in the room
  • set-up for the room
  • catering to be provided
  • invoicing details

Article 3 – Evening or weekend events

Business Faculty is open every working day from 07:30h to 17:30h. Clients should submit a detailed schedule in advance containing the planned activities outside opening hours, after which written permission is required from Business Faculty before the event can go ahead.

Article 3b – Extra costs

The duration a half day / whole day will be strictly applied. In case of occupancy outside these time frames, an extra 100 € per hour will be charged. 

Half a day is:

  • from 08:00h till 12:30h
  • from 13:00h till 17:30h

A day is :

  • from 08:00h till 17:30h

Article 4 - Prices

Our prices exclude 21% VAT and are subject to annual indexation.

The price includes:

  • lighting, heating and or air-conditioning for the building
  • non-exclusive parking

The price does not include:

  • mandatory all-risk insurance cover

Article 5 - Catering

Business Faculty has an exclusivity contract with Traiteur Duchateau, which means that clients are not permitted to use their own catering services.

Article 6 – Validity

Price quotes made by Business Faculty are always non-binding, with no obligations being implied on the part of Business Faculty, unless stated otherwise in writing. However, any order placed by the client is binding upon the client, whereas Business Faculty is only obligated on acceptance of the order by Business Faculty. Any changes to the order will always be at the expense of the client. Nor can the Business Faculty be held liable for material omissions in its price quotes.

Article 7 – Obligations

Business Faculty undertakes to make every effort to fulfil any order. Under no circumstances may this be deemed to be an obligation as to results.

Article 8 – Unforeseen circumstances

Business Faculty is not liable for the non-fulfilment or deficient execution of its obligations as a result of force majeure in the broadest sense of the term, nor as the result of the deficient execution of any subcontractors, including the catering company, Duchateau Catering. Cases of force majeure include, but are not restricted to: strikes, measures taken by the government, illness or accident to staff or subcontractors, as well as any unforeseeable events.

Article 9 – Complaints

Complaints relating to services, raw materials and price can only be accepted if a written reservation is made at the time of delivery.

Article 10 – Taint to the image of Business Faculty

Under no circumstances may the purpose of the event discussed with Business Faculty be changed unilaterally by the client. The client undertakes to safeguard the image of Business Faculty from any possible taint, including, but not restricted to: excessive noise, vandalism, fights and the like. The client undertakes to compensate Business Faculty in full should the image of Business Faculty be tainted in any way.

Article 11 – Insurance

The client must itself take out sufficient insurance to cover any risks that might arise from the event so that Business Faculty can be compensated in full for damages in the event of a claim.

Article 12 – Security and protection against fire

Each participant is understood personally to abide by the necessary measures for safety and security. Care will be taken to ensure that the exits are not blocked by any obstacle. The organisers are responsible for taking out insurance for the products on display, as well as for liability vis-à-vis third parties and all risks of fire and damage. The organisers undertake to have these risks covered by a ‘comprehensive (all risks)’ policy from an insurance company of their choice. The fact of making a booking implies that the organisers and their appointees will refrain from taking any recourse against Business Faculty.

Article 13 – Liability

When intending to make any unusual use of floors, walls, ceilings or tables (adhesive tape, etc.), please inform Business Faculty staff in advance and ask for permission. Damage to the building, fittings or interior caused by inappropriate usage, or the theft/damage to property belonging to third parties during the event will always be charged to the client. The client undertakes to treat responsibly any goods and items of equipment belonging to it or to third parties contracted, invited by the client or working on their own account, which is placed on the premises of Business Faculty. The client also undertakes to be responsible for any theft, fire, accidents and/or damage caused by these goods, items of equipment or persons and to exempt Business Faculty totally therefrom.

Article 14 – Certificates and permits

The client undertakes to fulfil all necessary regulatory and administrative requirements in order for the scheduled elements of the event to take place, including by way of example: SABAM, taxes, etc. Any consequence arising from not being in possession of the correct certificates, (work) permits and the like will come totally under the client’s responsibility.

Article 15 – Copyright

Written permission must be obtained in advance from Business Faculty for the any use of the Business Faculty name, photographic material that belongs to Business Faculty, or the Business Faculty or trademark. If recordings are taken during an event, Business Faculty must be informed.

Article 16 – Transfer of goods

Charging for flowers, items of decoration, projectors, screens, podiums and other equipment in no way implies transfer of ownership. Any such goods removed by the client or guests of the client will be charged to the client.

Article 17 – Termination of the contract in the event of bankruptcy

Business Faculty reserves the right to consider the contract terminated, automatically, without prior service of default and with no payment of indemnity in the event of bankruptcy and obvious insolvency, as well as any change in the client’s legal or financial position.

Article 18 - Invoicing

Terms of payment: within 15 days of receiving the invoice. When an invoice is raised, account is taken of the number of persons notified to Business Faculty on the working day prior to the event, as well as the actual number of persons attending, with the higher number serving as the base for invoicing.

Article 19 – Disputed invoices

Complains relating to invoicing must reach the registered office of Business Faculty in writing within five working days of the invoice date.

Article 20 – Settlement of invoices

In the event of a loss of credit worthiness (e.g. bankruptcy, placement in receivership, liquidation, debt scheduling, etc. of the threat thereof ), all invoices that are not yet due become payable immediately.

Article 21 - Cancellation

Once confirmation has been signed, and you cancel

  • more than 1 month before the event, you will be charged for 100 % of the room price(s),
  • between 1 month and 15 working days : 100 % of the room price, 50 % from the catering and technical support,
  • from 14 working days 100 % of the full amount. 

Cancellations must always be made in writing.