Menarini praises Business Faculty’s professional service

“Professionality, friendliness and a keen eye for detail”: Xavier Wattiez, Field Force Effectiveness Manager at the pharma group Menarini, didn’t need to think long to come up with a short description of Business Faculty’s services. Every year, the company organises its three sales meetings in the venue. “The accommodation and service at the Brussels event venue suits our needs perfectly. We always look forward to spending our day there.”

Free parking makes a difference

“We’ve compared Business Faculty’s offering with other conference venues. After some deliberation, we always reached the same conclusion: Business Faculty’s price/quality ratio is excellent. Other venues charge you for parking, and if you need a beamer, it’ll cost you extra. At Business Faculty, you can use these facilities for free. That’s a great added value.”

It’s clear from Xavier’s explanation that the pharma company appreciates the accommodation at the Brussels-based event centre. “The mix of small and large conference rooms means that we can organise plenary sessions and follow up with breakout sessions immediately. Additionally, the rooms are always fully equipped with the necessary materials. Everything is ready - all we need to do is sit down and get started.”

Save some parking space for… a tent

The catering service deserves praise as well, says Xavier: “At Business Faculty, the staff pulls out all the stops to make your event happen flawlessly. Their catering service, for example, serves delicious food of excellent quality. We always choose the same formula: we opt for a cold buffet on the first two days, and on the third day, we have a pasta buffet with warm and cold options. Another advantage is that there’s always plenty of everything!”

Lastly, Xavier admires the team’s client-oriented and professional attitude. “The medical products we demonstrate during our sessions are delivered up front and stored in a tent in the car park. It doesn’t sound too complicated, but the first requirement to make this happen is to have sufficient parking space to even put up the tent. That’s why the team always reserves some parking spots for us to set up the tent comfortably. They know us, so they attune their service to our needs”, Xavier concludes.