Douwe Egberts national meeting

“Every year we organise a National Meeting. This year we chose to hold it at Business Faculty in Brussels because of its wide range of meeting rooms,” says Ingrid Meesschaert, Management Assistant at D.E Master Blenders 1753.

Every day millions of people around the world enjoy Douwe Egberts coffee and tea products. Starting from humble beginnings in 1753, the company's products, including Douwe Egberts coffee and Pickwick tea, have evolved into the world's most loved and most recognised brands.

A veritable coffee paradise

“Seven thousand ambitious colleagues in more than 45 countries work on the success of our business, every day. We organise an annual National Meeting to introduce the vision, mission and strategic directions for the new year. To convey this in a fun and educational way, we provided all different kinds of workshops and sideshows. 

For almost 100 invited guests, the seminar centre was transformed into a veritable coffee paradise. From the general hall to the various workshop spaces, all our brands (L’Or, Douwe Egberts, Jacqmotte, Senseo, Zwarte Kat) were given prominence. The delegates were able to drink a delicious cup of coffee at the Jacqmotte and Senseo barista stand. Of course, our showpiece was there too: the Douwe Egberts "Van" where barista Toon Vermeulen enabled us to enjoy his coffee creativity.

Tailored to our structure

The whole day was superbly executed thanks to perfect timekeeping and inspiring musical notes that indicated the beginning and end of a workshop. Moreover, the accommodation at Business Faculty was tailored to our structure. We enjoyed a total service package: from the central location with free parking and technical facilities in the rooms to a personal service that anticipates even the smallest detail. In short, the perfect location to turn our event into a huge success.”

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