Business Faculty turns orange for Blokker Days

“At other event venues, we’ve had to beg to have chairs in every room. Business Faculty provides that service spontaneously.” Laure Mutsaars, (now ex) Management Assistant at Blokker Belgium, has organised several events in the event centre. One of them was the Blokker Days event in March: a two-day crash course about product knowledge for shop employees from Belgium and Luxembourg.

Perfect combination of large and small rooms

“We needed a large conference room for the plenary session of our meeting and ten smaller breat-out rooms. It’s not easy to find this combination of infrastructure for 300 employees per day. But the Business Faculty team offered the perfect combination of large and smaller spaces to cover everything we needed. Every room in the event centre comes with projectors, screens, chairs and lots of natural light. Everything is set up beforehand. That’s a major bonus”, Laure says.

‘Guess Who?’ in the lounge

Laure was also impressed by the level of teamwork between Business Faculty and Blokker. “Our collaboration was extremely professional, flexible and smooth.” She appreciated Business Faculty’s flexibility in particular: “This two-day event is not only important for our employees, but for our suppliers as well. They were there to present their products and brought a pot or pan as a gift for each of our employees. But how were they supposed to haul their pallets full of goodies safely to the first floor? To avoid unnecessary hassle, the team gave us another room on the ground floor and made sure the suppliers could deliver the goodies at any desired time. During the event, all products were stored safely inside that extra room.”

According to Laure, the Business Faculty staff also thinks along with customers to help them find the most fitting solution. “For example, we wanted to organise something fun during the Blokker Days. Do you remember the game ‘Guess Who’? Well, that’s what we played during the event – with our employees’ faces. This gave every store employee the opportunity to get to know their colleagues at the head office. All we needed to do was find a suitable location. At first, we considered playing the game in a separate room, but then we’d risk queues forming to enter and leave the room. That’s when the team suggested we move this activity to the lounge. Our practical issue was solved immediately.”

Orange details everywhere

Laure was also pleasantly surprised by the staff’s eye for detail. “These little extra touches really make a difference for us. For the occasion, all the lights were orange, which is Blokker’s colour. Additionally, the team made sure we communicated via several channels. If we called up front to discuss the practical guidelines, they made sure the next conversation wasn’t just a phone call. They always plan a moment to look at the available rooms together”, says Laure.

No shuttle bus? Business Faculty to the rescue 

Laure wholeheartedly confirms that Business Faculty’s employees care about their customers. The team even helped them solve some unexpected mobility issues: “I had hired a shuttle service to take our employees from the Brussels-North railway station to Business Faculty and back during the event. At the end of the day, I asked the driver to wait until I gave him the OK to leave, so that he wouldn’t drive off while half of the bus seats were still empty. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. The driver drove off, leaving three of our employees behind. Luckily, Business Faculty was there to help: Seminar Consultant Kris lives near Antwerp and dropped my colleagues off at the Antwerp railway station. Shortly put, they immediately came up with a solution.”

Blokker has been a loyal Business Faculty customer for two years and will gladly continue working with the venue. “We’ll be back here in October, and we already know everything will be perfectly taken care of”, Laure concludes.

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