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Ingrid Rens

Management Assistant at Dela

"Dela was looking for a central location that was easily accessible because people were invited from all around the country. Business Faculty, situated in a green environment near Brussels, was the most suitable, especially with its free parking. Nothing was too much trouble and the entire team was ready to help us."

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Ingrid Meesschaert

Management Assistant at D.E. Master Blenders 1753

“It is extremely convenient and practical that the Business Faculty complex, with its many meeting rooms, is located on the outskirts of Brussels, with the additional bonus of free parking facilities. It was a pleasure to rely on their services.”

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Elsie Vanhooff

HR Business Coordinator at Secretary Plus

"It was a pleasure to work with the Business Faculty team to make this year's event run smoothly. They were ready with everything to welcome us and our invitees and to help where necessary."

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Nancy de Boeck

Management Assistant at Imperial Tobacco

“A huge advantage is the fact that Business Faculty is easy to reach for our sales teams from all over the country. They can always find a space in the free car park”

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Nathalie Paternoster

Congress & Event Manager Boehringer Ingelheim

“The location is easily accessible and without any problem everything can be transported right up to the meeting rooms.” 

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Alex Vanhaesendonck

Organizational Development Project Manager at Delhaize

“We had already called on the services of Business Faculty for various other projects before, on the strength of its central location and good range of multifunctional conference rooms, combined with a unique personal service whereby the BF team is very much on the ball. Now those are major strong suits.”

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Elke De Wit

Project Manager at Kluwer Opleidingen

This year, Kluwer Opleidingen once again organised its National Assistant Congress at the Business Faculty venue. "During this event, assistants from all over the country come together for various workshops," says Elke De Wit, project manager at Kluwer Opleidingen.

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Jurgen Plyson

Association manager for BeAPP

BeAPP regularly calls on us to assist them with their meetings and events. Initially, they decided to use our facilities because of the location, easy access and ample parking. However, it’s the excellent service that keeps them coming back to us.

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Ludovic Terzi

CI & Technology Leader at Catalent Pharma Solutions

“The people at Business Faculty are always eager to help - not only with the preparations, but also during our events. Everyone is very customer-oriented and flexible." 

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Inge Vermeir

Marketing & Communication Manager at Tech Data

“Many of our clients use their car to attend our events. Business Faculty is very accessible and has a spacious car park, which makes the venue ideal for us. Their service is also very personal – you’re not just a number to them”

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Laure Mutsaars

Management Assistant at Blokker Belgium

“At other event venues, we’ve had to beg to have chairs in every room. Business Faculty provides that service spontaneously.” 

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Nele Weyn

Head of Training at GAMMA

What brings the GAMMA team to Brussels every time, apart from the modern spaces with natural lighting? The central location. 

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Xavier Wattiez

Xavier Wattiez - Field Force Effectiveness Manager at Menarini

Every year, the company organises its three sales meetings in the venue. “The accommodation and service at the Brussels event venue suits our needs perfectly. We always look forward to spending our day there.”

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