Have you seen our VIP formulas?

29 May 2019

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your event and pamper your guests, our VIP formulas offer everything you need. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from our exclusive VIP packages. We’ll have sparkling wine chilled and ready for you!

Let’s shuttle

Sometimes, small gestures really make the difference. By letting your guests use our spacious (and free!) car park, you’ll save them a lot of traffic stress and parking trouble. Upon arrival, we’ll welcome everyone with a festive drink in our stylish lounge, after which we’ll provide a shuttle service to take your guests to any exhibitions, external events or other activities you’ve planned. There’s no need for stress - just enjoy your event and let us take care of you!

Activities and advice tailored to your needs

Add a personal touch to your event to offer your guests a unique experience. Do you want to take things further than a convivial drink and include a delicious dinner? We’ve got everything covered. Would you like to combine a reception with a self-organised activity or work with us to create a special themed activity? You name it, we make it happen. We’ll give you tailor-made advice and help you find the formula that offers you the Business Faculty experience you’re looking for. Do you need appropriate transportation? We’ll have a limousine service ready at your request.

Do you have any questions about our VIP services or would you like to test them? Don’t hesitate to contact our seminar consultants.

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