Enhanced meeting efficiency with a digital flip chart

11 May 2016

Needless to say Business Faculty is fully equipped with Wi-Fi and all the usual digital presentation equipment in support of your meetings and events. Forward-thinking attendees will be happy to learn that from now on they can also use our new, mobile SMART Kapp whiteboard, a digital flip chart with all the bells and whistles.

The paper flip chart continues to remain highly popular among speakers and trainers for the purpose of drawing charts or jotting down ideas generated by the group. At which point course participants are often seen to get their smartphones out to take pictures of these notes. Or trainers tearing off the paper sheets to take home so as not to leave behind business secrets or simply to work up sound ideas that emerged during the session at a later stage.

Using a digital flip chart enables you to immediately transfer your notes to people’s smartphones or tablets, thanks to the SMART Kapp app. Convenient for the audience to focus on the discourse as it unfolds (not to mention the fact that sometimes the flipchart is simply a little too far off to be easily read) and handy for the presenter to save flowcharts and include them in the meeting minutes.

Want to try out our digital flip chart? Do let us know when you make your booking, we will be happy to make sure it is all set up and ready for you. No worries, we will explain how it works beforehand.

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