From cartoonist to pianist: celebrate New Year’s Eve at Business Faculty

04 October 2019

Wonderful dinners, cosy evenings and spirited conversations with family and friends: the end-of-year holidays are the most festive time of the year, and businesses are keen to share the joy with their employees or customers. If you’re responsible for planning the perfect company party, getting everything right could be a stressful task. Need some help? Brussels-based event centre Business Faculty‘s seminar consultants will gladly take the weight off your shoulders with a complete, made-to-measure plan.

From winter BBQ to holiday dinner

Have you ever had Christmas dinner under the starry night sky? “On a dry, chilly day, a winter BBQ with a winter bar is always a great idea”, says Seminar Consultant Kris Viaene. “Business Faculty offers the complete package. We decorate our terrace with cosy fire baskets and candles – and we set up an event tent, just in case the weather gods try to foil your plans.” If dining outside doesn’t appeal to you, Business Faculty also offers a festive buffet in the restaurant. “And if we say ‘festive’, we really do mean festive. Just try our VIP formula and let us treat you to a perfect holiday experience. A limousine ride to the venue, a red carpet and a tasty glass of sparkling wine will be the perfect opener for your Christmas or New Year’s buffet”, Seminar Consultant Ann Wouters adds. 

From cartoonist to Santa himself 

If you’re celebrating the holidays at Business Faculty, no idea is too wild. The venue’s staff loves to think out of the box: “At the customer’s request, we always develop a custom holiday package, and the options in it can vary enormously. For example, we’ve got a New Year’s Eve party planned where people can have a picture of themselves drawn by a cartoonist”, Kris mentions. If seeing yourself as a cartoon character doesn’t excite you, why not invite Santa himself? “He brings the holiday spirit to the party and hands out sweets. Fun guaranteed!”

From DJ to pianist

Christmas isn’t complete without fitting music – and if you’re organising a Christmas party, it can be fun to change things up with an original twist. Think of live piano music, for example. “We’ll invite a pianist who plays the most heart-warming songs on a grand piano. Would you prefer music to dance to? In that case, a DJ can be arranged. On request, we’ll decorate the dance floor to fit the atmosphere as well, with uplighters and decoration to set the mood for your party”, Ann concludes.


Would you like to organise an end-of-year party?  Let Business Faculty‘s seminar consultants inspire you.

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