The accessibility checklist to make your event a success

25 February 2019

We’ve all been there: you’re expected at an event which is due to start in five minutes, but you’re still circling the car park, searching in vain for an empty parking spot. There are better ways to start the day. Save your guests all parking and mobility-related kinds of stress with our accessibility checklist to make your event a success.

 Do you have parking space available?

Having your event prepared down to the tiniest details is wonderful - but if your guests can’t park their cars anywhere, you’ll still have a problem. That’s why you should always check if your event location’s car park can accommodate everyone: not just guests who arrive by car, but also those who cycle there or come straight from the airport.

  Free parking space at Business Faculty: check!

Are you planning a meeting or seminar in Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde? If so, Business Faculty’s car park is easily accessible. The venue is located just a short distance away from Zaventem airport, at exit 6 of the Brussels Ring. Our car park can accommodate up to 250 cars and is free to use during your meeting, workshop or seminar at Business Faculty.

We’ve also thought of your sporty guests: they can safely leave their bicycles in our bicycle parking.

Our car park is even accessible to trucks! If you need to deliver products for your workshop, go right ahead.

 Coming by public transport?

Apart from parking space, access to public transport is also an important factor to let your guests travel to the venue smoothly. What are the public transport connections like? How many times do guests need to change buses to reach their destination?

  Shuttle buses on request at Business Faculty: check!

To make public transport as accessible as possible, we use shuttle buses at the customer’s request to take groups of guests to a public transport stop. Our regular customer Blokker came up with the idea, but we’re more than happy to set this up for you as well.

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