Closing Cocktails

Zakouskis & Drinks Combinations

(min 30 people)

Belgian Beers

  • Assortment of beers: Leffe, Kriek, Duvel…
  • Water, soft drinks, juices
  • Plate with cheese cubes and mustard


  • Cava, white and red wine, beers, soft drinks, juices and waters
  • Salted snacks


  • Champagne, bières pils, boissons rafraîchissantes, jus de fruits, eau plate et pétillante
  • Snack dry et salé


  • Red and white wine, beers, soft drinks, fruit juice, water
  • Assorted olives and salted snacks

Open bar

Soft drinks

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, lemonades, fruit juice

Bottle (only during meals)



Strong beers (Leffe, Duvel...)

Special beers (Grimbergen, Hoegaarden ...)


Hot Drinks

Coffee, tea...




Red or white house wine (only during meals)

Red or white house wine

Cava or Prosecco

  • Maison


  • Autréau premier cru


Let one of our seminar consultants advise you on the best quantity of canapés or the best combination of canapés.

Cold appetizers

  • Fresh goat cheese and celery with marinated olives, skewer of red tuna with pineapple syrup marinated in coconut milk, brochette of tomato mozzarella marinated in basil, goat cheese cake with fresh herbs, crunchy shrimp vegetable bouquets, crust of snow crab with mayonnaise, crust of dried tomatoes as in Nice and cucumber, mini tart of bouchot mussels and fondued fresh tomatoes, bread with duck rillettes, bread with rillettes of fresh tuna, ...

Hot appetizers

  • Paprika beef brochette, skewer of monkfish from the Islands, marinated chicken kebab with tomatoes and mozzarella, croustillant of feta and spinach, mini croque monsieur, mini Italian bread with mozzarella, mini pizza, profiterole with grilled cheese, accra of cod with mozzarella, shrimp croquette, quiche lorraine....

Oriental appetizers

  • Assortment of dim - sun and choice of sauces, crispy scampi with flavors of lemon, mini skewer of sate with peanut sauce, nem of vegetables with chicken, crispy ravioli, crab spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce, scampi samusas with ginger, triangle with yellow curry, ...

Cold spoon appetizers

  • Cubes of salmon marinated with green tips, crayfish cocktail, foie gras with fresh figs, scampi Paris style, mini brioche with foie gras mousse, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, veal tsweetbreads and its cream of ceps, tapenade of olives and red mullet, tartar of Saint-Jacques with truffle oil, tartar of fresh salmon with tarragon, ...

Snack plate per 10 persons

  • Cheese, salami, onions and pickeled gherkins

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